Henk Bakker, agency for buying and selling the best quality Friesian horses

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Are you looking for that special Friesian horse? Maybe we can help you. With over twenty years of experience as an agent in purchasing and selling top quality pure bred Friesian horses with original FPS documents we can assist you in finding your friesian.

Take a look at our large continuous changing stock of possible available Friesian horses of all ages and in various categories: horses for pleasure riding, sporthorses (dressage and driving), geldings, good studbook mares, starmares, modelmares.

We have an extensive experience in export to many countries: Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, South-Africa etc.

Delivery of all of our horses is possible up to the place of destination, inclusive all necessary documentation. All horse undergo a complete veterinarian exam and have a complete set of X-rays taken before they are sold.